The heart of our business

TELETRANS’ corporate office and warehouses in Greece are located in Athens’s suburb, Paiania, near Athens International Airport, in ultramodern, privately owned premises.

Here is the heart of TELETRANS and its people who strive daily in order to assist you in the best possible way.


Special Cargo Transfer

We are experts when it comes to tough tasks!

Our long experience is our absolute guarantee for the transfer of cargo with specific re-quirements, for the handling of which perfect coordination and excellent safety conditions are required.

Our Dedication to Quality

Our stable principle: quality Any of our actions has one and only coefficient: adherence to quality. This is a basic element of our company's philosophy, which along with our people constitutes our most valuable asset. Our human resources is recruited under strict requirements to be able to respond with total professionalism and promptness to your needs.

Artwork Transfer

With art and cognition!

Artwork transfer requires know-how, total attention and special care. That is why we established the specialized company MoveArt in 2005, which has already made the difference in the field of artwork transfer.