From all around the world... to the whole world!

TELETRANS knows no barriers when it comes to your assistance!

We transfer your household goods with safety and quickness from any country of the world to your new home wherever this may be.


Relocation and Fixture of Business Premises

Business premises relocation, within or outside Greece.

TELETRANS is specialised in business premises relocations in Greece, from and to countries of the European Union as well as other countries.

We undertake with responsibility all stages of the relocations, from inspection and scheduling to loading, transfer and even customs clearance, if required, always adhering to the time schedule set jointly between us.

Customs Clearance Services

We take care of any detail

Our people inform you thoroughly about all documents required for the customs clearance of your household stuff, car, motorcycle, yacht or merchandise.
Our company has export and import departments to provide you reliable and...

Artwork Transfer

With art and cognition!

Artwork transfer requires know-how, total attention and special care. That is why we established the specialized company MoveArt in 2005, which has already made the difference in the field of artwork transfer.