From all around the world to the whole world!

TELETRANS knows no barriers when it comes to your assistance!
We transfer your household goods with safety and speed from any country of the world to your new home wherever this may be.

Either you move in Greece or from Greece to another country or from abroad to Greece or from a country abroad to another country in any continent, we are always at your disposal.

In order to organize promptly the transfer, we undertake to complete all processes in order to assure the absolute quality of your services and the best possible cost for you, following a tested and effective procedure step by step.


  • Inspection by one of our specialized representatives to assess in detail the volume of the goods to transfer, to check the access and to inform you personally about any details regarding the preparation and the transfer as well as the drafting of the moving schedule.



  • Preparation of the financial offer within three working days.
  • Selection of the means of transport or the combination of means with regard to the loading location and the final destination.
  • Information regarding the additional insurance package, in case you wish something like that.
  • Specification of accurate time schedule of the transfer.



  • Final confirmation of the moving schedule in cooperation with the competent person for your transfer or possible readjustment of the schedule, where it is required according to any new emerging factors.



  • Execution of the transfer from our qualified personnel.
  • Packaging of the household goods using high quality packaging materials on the date set following a method of accurate management including labelling of packages, packing list, barcodes, labelling and specification of a foreseen storage place in case storage is required before delivery.
  • In case of national transfer within Greece, special durable plastic boxes and special transfer suitcases are used for packaging of all sensitive stuff, such as glassware, paintings and kitchenware.
  • Loading is performed in trucks or containers depending on the selection of land, sea or air transfer.
  • Delivery to your destination by experts who undertake unloading, unpackaging, placement of your stuff into your new home and removal of any packaging materials.