We always offer more!

We, the people of TELETRANS, are always by your side to make your relocation a nice experience.
Besides the integrated services we offer, we undertake for you a wide range of services pertaining not only to pre-moving assistance, but also to post-moving assistance.

Pre-moving assistance

  • Schedule of your and your family's trip
  • Ticket booking and hotel reservation
  • Information regarding the procedure to issue a VISA to the country of destination
  • Information about schools in the place where you will move
  • Information about houses in the city of destination
  • Information on the transfer of your pet

Post-moving assistance

  • Finding of temporary residence
  • Suggestions for local language courses
  • Suggestions for entertainment and ways to get to know the place for you and your family, such visiting museums and sightseeing, cultural events, excursions etc.
  • Assistance for the initial fitting of facilities (electrician, plumber, cleaning services etc.).


We, TELETRANS, stand by your side to facilitate your relocation and help you adapt yourself quickly to the new place of residence.