With art and cognition!

Artwork transfer requires know-how, total attention and special care. That is why we established the specialized company MoveArt in 2005, which has already made the difference in the field of artwork transfer.

  • We have steady and fully qualified employees-carriers with many years of experience in artwork packaging and transfer.
  • We offer special vehicles for the transfer of art pieces.
  • We make special wooden boxes to our privately owned workshop using proper materials and specifications for any of your needs, from simple to double boxes, with insulation and anti-shock protection.
  • We store the artworks into our privately owned facilities equiped with systems of controlled temperature/humidityaround the clock survailance video/audio and capacity of a big number of art pieces.

MoveArt has an active presence in the field of artwork transfer and has gained the trust of important cultural organizations, museums, institutions, galleries and artists. Among the customers of MoveArt are included the following: Ministry of Culture, National Archaeological Museum, National Gallery, Benaki Museum, Museum of Modern Art in Athens and Thessaloniki, Athens Concert Hall.

Artworks are unique and irreplaceable. The same applies to the artwork transfer services we provide in MoveArt!